Wednesday, February 22, 2017

the balance

You'd think this might be just another post on finding balance as a mom, but it's not. It's about how my kids seem to make sure to balance out their behavior. For example one night at dinner KC will be screaming to watch Curious George, the boys will be complaining, whining, crying, about whatever I've served them, Katherine will be screaming for who knows what, and Chris and I will be exhausted and trying to rally before putting everyone to bed. The following night there will be smiles and joking at the table and the kids are asking for more salad and Katherine has slept through dinner. When this happened Chris and I looked at each other rolled our eyes and smiled. If I've learned anything these almost ten years as a mother it's to appreciate the good and easy.

This Sunday Katherine was baptized. It was a beautiful day, warm with flowers blooming. My parents came down and Chris' mom was there too. Our good friend who is an elder in the church (we're Presbyterian so we have an elder stand with us to represent the church - it's not really someone who is old, it someone who is part of the governing body of our church). Katherine didn't cry and our minister who we've known forever (he was my minister growing up in another city and now is the minister at our current church) performed her baptism. Afterwards we had a nice brunch and came home to play volleyball, soccer, walk the hood, and head out for an early dinner outside followed by ice cream.

Then came Monday. The boys were off from school. I made doughnuts and eggs for breakfast (my cousin sent us a doughnut maker for Christmas and it rocks). The day started so well. We were going to run an errand and I noticed N had on jeans and a long sleeve shirt. I offered him a pair of shorts and you would have thought I'd asked him to scrub the kitchen floor. So much disgust and anger about being offered a pair of shorts. I did make him change shirts because he was wearing Ts. We had a discussion that wasn't particularly fun and I gave him five minutes to get over it and adjust his 'tude. He did that and we ran errands, played outside and about two hours later the 'tude was back. And this time I was angrier. I even got the "you're ruining my day off from school" comment (I was like "yea buddy you're not making my day all sunshine and rainbows either"). It took forever to work through this attitude and figure out what was going on in his head (it also took losing xbox for a week and cleaning up the yard). But we got through it. I never want to wish my babies days away but I honestly was struggling to get through this one without losing my cool every five minutes (I lost it maybe every few hours).

Since then our week has been smoother, but I just think it's funny how two days, two dinners, or even two years (I'm talking about you 2015 and 2016) can be almost exact opposites. I assume it's because everything has to stay in balance.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thoughts for Thursday

It's officially Fugal February so I thought I'd concentrate on my previous January purchases that I'm loving. 

I got a new pair of booties - my first. I've been eyeing them since 2015 and they dropped to $67 on Amazon so I ordered them. So now you can credit me with ending the trend ;). They are cute Jack Rogers scalloped booties.

I also ordered these Uggs and love them. They are such a great casual shoe.

KC got a new pair of Livie and Luca's. They released their bunny shoes in pink and white. Today she wore her pink bunnies to the bus stop with her Santa pjs on - no holiday confusion there.
I've fallen in love with this Josie Maran foundation. I've been a Tarte Amazonian Clay addict for years, but I've switched. This one is just so smooth - and it's just as clean as Tarte.

The spring temperatures have me itching to switch out the kids closets (and the fact that everything they wear now is about an inch too short - especially N), but I'm still holding out for one more snow. I'm debating sucking it up and ordering him a few more pants and shirts for the next month or two before it really warms up. 

Nursing has me online shopping like nothing else can. And Katherine doesn't sleep. It's not unusual for a friend to get a text in the middle of the night with a dress I think will look great on her. I guess it's good I'm still carrying some baby weight because it limits me to shopping for shoes, make up and jewelry. 

I hope you are having a great Thursday. Linking up with Annie, Natalie, and Julie.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Weekend Review

Time just seems to pass by at an alarmingly fast rate. I want to capture as much as possible and remember as much as possible but it is so hard to be in the moment and capture it at the same time. This weekend was one of those weekends you want on repeat. The boys finished up their basketball season. They played with our close friends and we had so much fun. Basketball is by far my favorite sport so I may have been urging them to love it as much as I do (it didn't work). N has some skills, but he says he doesn't love it.

I ventured up in the attic earlier in the week to pull out items to sell and found the boys old UNC gear. KC has been having a blast wearing it. She loves to tell you she's a boy like N and T (and her best buddies). It makes living in NC with the bathroom bill really complicated (I kid, I kid).

 This onesie was also one passed down from the boys. And was completely pooped through (sweater and my shirt too). Kind of how I felt about the UNC v dook game.

We've become regulars at Caribou Coffee. They know our order. Which means we go way too much. After the dook game Chris represented in his Honor Roll Designs shirt from Christmas. Chris has a rule that you never wear your team shirt after a win, only a loss. It's good sportsmanship not rubbing in a win and proves you aren't a bandwagon fan - ha.

Our yard is starting to bloom. We've left it pretty much untouched since we moved in (except the boys have killed all the grass in the back using it as their soccer/football/baseball field). Bulbs have been popping up everywhere! They made a beautiful bouquet for our table.

Sunday we had beautiful weather. We spent the day outside and ended with dinner on the patio. We purchased our new patio furniture from  Ikea and love it! It's big enough for our family and grandparents (who happened to come down to visit).

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day. In some respects it is starting to feel like a second Halloween. We have so much candy in the house!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thoughts on Thursday

My mind is such a jumbled mess with the lack of sleep, multiple schedules, multiple attitudes, well you get it. So some random thoughts for today:

How is Valentine's Day next week? And why do we have to do class valentines? I guess technically we don't, but seriously it's a pain. It's also frugal February (that fun tradition we have) so it's not like Chris and I are celebrating.

Consumer Reports latest issue was on making your house hold a happier place. One of the recommendations is to get a new dishwasher. We just did this last month and I can attest this is correct. Our old dishwasher was probably from the 80s if not earlier. It was not efficient. Same with our garbage disposal and the faucet was actually broken. We replaced everything and the idea of cooking isn't totally disgusting to me anymore. Obviously the magazine isn't aimed at people without dishwashers or the means to get a new one, but it did make me think about those who "make do" with what they have. I kind of want to buy them a dishwasher.

We started a chore chart for the kids and to make it fair we added fines. The chores are things we don't expect them to do like unload the dishwasher, walk the dog, and take out the trash. I will expect these of them when they are older but not now. They get fined if they don't do certain things we expect like put away their bookbags and lunchboxes (why do they think walking in the house and just dropping it in the middle of the floor is okay?!). So far it's been great and I haven't had to unload the dishwasher (which was my chore growing up and I HATED it - still do, but at least now with the new dishwasher the items being unloaded are actually clean).

How do you organize photos in the new Mac photo app? I hate it. I like my photos grouped by month or event.

UNC and dook play tonight. 'Nough said.

Do people still use Clarisonics? I'm debating buying a new head for mine but honestly I'm lucky if I find time to brush my teeth at night. Hopefully in a few months it will be different. Maybe I should just wait.

Yesterday was the day our cleaning ladies come. They've been coming every other week since right before we had Katherine. I think it is one of my favorite days of the month. I also think that if I could go back to the past, I'd forego eating out or even a vacation to have them come every other week. Even KC walks in and sniffs the air and mentions how wonderful it is. The boys run to the bathroom because they make the tp into little roses. It's a day the whole family appreciates. 

Katherine is 2 months old this week and we have her appointment this morning. 

Any random thoughts you want to share? I'm linking up with Annie and Natalie.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Five on Friday

It's Friday! Yay! Today started with the largest latte at Caribou. There have been two nights with very little sleep thanks to colds being passed around our house. This morning I also noticed the soup I made a double batch of to freeze some was left on the counter over night... boo!! But here's to Friday and another Five on Friday!

1. The weather here has been amazing! We've been playing outside, walking to school, eating outside... trying to enjoy it before the cold weather hits again. I need a real snow!!

2. This baby is delicious. I eat those cheeks daily. Sort of makes up for her not sleeping. We are trying out best to get her to take a bottle. I'm trying the Medela Calma (I think that's the name). It's a struggle. Any tips? We have a date night planned at the end of February!

3. I made a meal plan for the month of February. For the month!!! It feels so good and makes shopping and prep so much easier (except when leaving said meal on the counter instead of the freezer). Although I didn't throw any new recipes in - I've found a few in this cookbook that I want to try (the beet salad is calling my name).

4. It's almost consignment season - yay!! I've been cleaning out and selling as much as I can online (and buying), but I'm looking forward to the big sales too. I love how facebook has changed the game on deals. 

5. I got nothing else. I'm tired and a friend is coming over today and Chris is working from home so it's a easy day.. maybe I'll even get a nap.  

Have a great weekend!!! I need to download the new logo but linking up with April, Christina, and Natasha.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Switch

KC moved from the crib to the bed!! Big deal here. I totally wanted her in the crib forever. She is a very defiant child so I wasn't ready for the fight. She started climbing out regularly so it seemed like time. And so far so good. We still need to put the rails up (she fell out once).

last night in her crib

first time in her bed

two thumbs up

This bed was N's first bed back in 2010. I remember picking out all his "big boy" furniture with Chris. We were so excited for this room. Right now we are only using the bed from it and the rest is at my parents. A few pictures from memory lane...

it appears our kids really like giving thumbs up :)

We purchased a trundle with the bed so this weekend one of the boys will sleep in there too. We started over break letting one of them sleep in the bed while she was in the crib (she looooves it). Usually N is the only one who can make it the whole night. T gets annoyed because KC keeps talking to him and won't be quiet. And yes everyone is tired the next day.