Thursday, July 26, 2018


Currently waiting on the carpet guy to show up while the baby naps, KC's at camp, and the boys are playing downstairs with neighbors. While our leak is now fixed (hopefully) the carpet that had to be torn out has been discontinued so we are trying to come up with a good solution. We bought the carpet 2 years ago. Just our luck ;).

Currently signing up for the fall consignment sale because my office is drowning in outgrown baby clothes.

Currently worried about repairing a fence of our neighbor's. A tree limb fell Sunday and damaged a fence and I think we have to fix it.

Currently dealing with a very moody 11 year old who had a sleepover last night and saw a late movie.

Currently have toys scattered among the driveway that need to find a home. I put three baskets of toys away in April before the mold remediation and the girls just found them and dragged them all out. I really don't want to bring them back into the house.

Currently loving the Big Little Meal from the Fresh Market for making dinner just so easy.

Currently wondering how summer is slipping by so fast, but longing for the schedule of school to return.


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