Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hello...It's me...

After a few months, I'm back. We moved. It was insane. The painters didn't make it to the house before we moved, so for three weeks we lived with painters. And boxes. And no bathrooms or couches. The boxes were stuffed in any room that wasn't getting painted (the bathrooms), the couches the were taped in plastic, and there was loud music throughout the house. Everything was painted, kitchen cabinets, ceilings, window panes. Everything. Right when the painters finished we had carpet replaced in the basement (or lower split level part, the boys still can't figure out what downstairs is technically). Then our AC blew and we replaced the entire HVAC system from 1984. I'll share after pictures when we get our act together.

Saying goodbye to our home of 11 years

All that wallpaper has gone, but the walls needed lots of love. 

I picked a bad main color orginally so it added a day. And those boards in the corner are our cabinet doors. We had the kitchen cabinets painted. Which meant no kitchen for a loooong time (when you add in wall paper removal and wall repairs as well as multiple ceiling paint coats).

This all was a pain, but it was even more of a pain because I was super sick and in my first trimester. We're expecting another little girl in the beginning of December. After about 9 weeks I asked for a prescription and it was amazing! I have bad reactions to Zofran so I knew that was out, but this - diclegis - was amazing. I felt almost like a normal person, and didn't puke once after I started it.

Baby bump and baby girl

KC turned 2 at the beginning of June, and her party was this past weekend. The boys finished kindergarten and 2nd grade and their last year at their old school. We toured the new school and they seem excited. 

We took our annual beach trip to Emerald Isle, NC. I love that place like no other. We added a weekend in Wilmington to visit some of Chris' friends and see some sights. It really made the vacation feel like a long break from reality (boxes, old appliances, yucky bathrooms). While away Chris and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary.

Now we're back. Summer has started. Our days belong to the pool (and whichever friend we can tagalong with since we didn't join one this year), in the backyard, on bike rides, anywhere we choose. And it's perfect. Except for the fighting and the whining and the two year old tantrums. But I guess that is technically perfect in the scheme of things too.