Monday, January 30, 2017


This was started back in September.  It makes me laugh. If I was exhausted then, I cannot describe what feeling November and December brought...

From September:
Heading into week 4 of school and one word comes to mind: exhausted. The good news is it isn't coupled with "overwhelmed." I also definitely prefer exhausted to overwhelmed (or both together). We're finding our groove and it seems to really be working (although I've yet to figure out how to fit laundry in during the week, luckily Chris and I tag team it on the weekends). I've also reached the 3rd trimester of this pregnancy and by the end of the day, I'm beat (or so my hips and back tell me).

Currently (as of January 2017)
Things are just so so good. It feels amazing to have our family all here and growing and healthy. Adding Katherine to our crew in December feels like it was always meant to be. There is a debate as to whether she will be Katherine or Lizzie. I vote Lizzie but I'm the only one. Things are still crazy and we still have ups and downs but it works (so far). More to come...hopefully.