Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Traditions

I can't believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I'm so excited the boys are off from school today. In fact, I picked up N early yesterday because I couldn't wait. He had 3 whole hours to play outside with T and a buddy down the street. It was completely worth it. 

We have a few traditions around this holiday, starting with the day before Thanksgiving. Each year on the eve of turkey day, we go see Santa at the mall. I was ready to drop this tradition because we see Santa at church too (a much better Santa, real beard and all, plus they have an awesome photographer there), but Chris isn't so we're off to the mall. 
mall Santa 
 church santa

The boys will pick a nutcracker to add to the collection.

This is N's nutcracker face

We'll also read Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving. It's super cute. 

Our must do's on turkey day include watching the parade and Charlie Brown. Eating the "feast" obviously. And this year the boys are really excited about the wishbone. 

This will be my first year being a vegetarian at Thanksgiving (technically I was 8 years ago but it only lasted about three months). I honestly don't think I'll miss the turkey, and maybe I'll have a extra slice of pie instead. 

Are you shopping Black Friday? Or I guess Thanksgiving since the stores open Thursday now? I think I'll sit this one out, or operate from the computer! 

Happy Turkey Day!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Stocking Stuffers for the Kids

Stuffing stockings is one of the best parts of Christmas. We always check out stockings right after seeing what Santa left by the tree. There is so much excitement that you can include almost anything and it's a win (floss for example :) ). Some things are pretty common in our kids - gloves, candy, little cars but there are always surprises.

stocking stuffers

My only problem right now is that KC doesn't have a stocking. Right now, N and I have matching stockings that my grandmother made us and T and Chris have matching stockings. I can't find the ones I purchased for T and Chris (from Pottery Barn) so my dilemma is - do I purchase KC her own that doesn't match anyone? Or do I get all new stockings for us? We do plan on another kid down the road, so then do I have to rebuy again? Any thoughts?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend Review

I love Mondays and Fridays. T and KC are home all day and we can drop of N in pjs (although I'd love it more if N were here too, then he could entertain T). It's been awhile since I've had a weekend review post, but it's nice to be back. 

I hope you had a great weekend. Ours was super low key, which is just what we needed. 
Every night I put KC to bed by nursing her to sleep and then moving her to the crib, and every night our dog lays right in front of the crib. As if transferring KC to the crib asleep isn't hard enough.
 Saturday morning we had our first pancakes and hot chocolate of the season. Chris was on pancake duty and I was on hot chocolate duty. We topped ours with homemade whipped cream (you can't go back to the fake stuff after having fresh), marshmallows, crushed peppermint, shaved dark chocolate, and a candy cane. Our breakfast was chocolately good, as the pancakes were also adorned with chocolate chips. 
 The whole time we made pancakes, KC slept! We aren't on any type of schedule yet, but I was so impressed after all our travels she napped for almost two hours in her crib. It was nice to give my attention to the guys.
 As far as I'm concerned it's basketball season! We headed to a friend's house to watch the Heels take on Davidson. 
I think this little lady has the biggest thighs I've ever seen on a five month old! Lucky girl can pull it off too :)

After all the excitement, she crashed during dinner prep. Mid-chew. 
It rained ALL DAY Sunday. We had our usual bagels and lattes before heading back home to watch our church service. Then we spent the day organizing and cleaning. It felt so good. I'd show you a picture of our newly organized attic, but I'm pretty sure that's not why you visit this blog. The boys played at a friend's house and I had some time to wrap a few presents. KC even slept in her crib again for another two hour nap. Nothing to exciting but that is just how we like it. 

I hope your Monday is off to a great start. I need to get on the Thanksgiving bandwagon and cook something! I'm so behind in prepping for this holiday!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Quick Update

We had a very sad death in Chris' family. I've been out of town for a week and will be for a few more days.

Thank you for reading. I look forward to returning in time for some turkey day posts.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Five on Friday

I cannot believe we've had our first full week of November. It was a busy week and Chris was out of town for most of it, but he is taking today off so it feels like the weekend already. I'm linking up with the Five on Friday girls, Natasha, Darci, Christina, and April. For today I thought I'd share some random thoughts -
1. November is one of my favorite months! I love Thanksgiving and the excitement leading up to Christmas festivities. I love the idea of being thankful in general. I really want to make the kids more aware of being grateful for time, things, experiences, but it has been really difficult to get them to understand the concept (they always want five more minutes, or another piece of candy). 

2. Anthro has 20% off sweaters. I tried on these and really liked them.

I tried on this and really hated it.

3. Gap Friends and Family sale is on. I need some winter clothes for my girl. Thinking of these:
gap girls

4. We put away all our Thomas the Train track and trains this week. It's freed up a ton of space, but it was also a moment. I was totally sick of Thomas, but it still seems so weird. Along those lines, N has decided I'm now "mom" because "mommy" sounds to babyish. 

5. Mockingjay comes out this month!!! I'm thinking of rereading the trilogy (because I've read absolutely nothing since Me Before You and I need something easy). Chris and I have a Thanksgiving weekend date to see it. Now I just have to get KC to take a bottle.

Are you excited for the weekend? Does anyone get a long weekend? The kids are in school Monday but out on Tuesday - why can't they just give them Monday as well! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Eric Carle PJs

I'm not sure I know anyone who doesn't like Eric Carle books. We have quite a few and as I was browsing for Christmas jammies I saw these and was smitten!

Eric Carle PJS

I love the polar bear one! How cute would these be pair with a book for Christmas or a birthday? If only they had Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See! 

Do you have a favorite Eric Carle book? My boys love Pancakes Pancakes but I love Brown Bear Brown Bear.

Now I still need Christmas jammies!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Recent Happenings

Happy November!! I love November, mainly because I love Thanksgiving! The last two weeks of October really flew by as we went full swing into the fall season. 

We started off with a preschool playdate at the farm. Last farm pictures - I promise.
I'm pretty sure the farm had a record year, these pumpkins were brought in. They ran out of farm grown pumpkins weeks ago.

 I finally got a pumpkin picture of KC I'd hoped for (minus the smile).

T had his pumpkin day parade at school. I have no clue what Star Wars character he is. He picked his costume while Chris and I were in Chapel Hill. This is totally a second child, N would have never known what Star Wars was at 4. 
 For the first time ever he said his name and what he was - I think the mask helped.

We carved pumpkins on Halloween. It has kind of become a tradition. The boys drew the faces they wanted and Chris and I did the knife work. KC hung out with us (and my parents) and we listened to the family Halloween Pandora station (which ended up being an awesome channel).

 We met up with some friends for dinner and trick or treating. My little pumpkin felt very same surrounded by superheroes!

Two minutes after getting in the car to head home from the evening, the sky opened up and it started hailing! It was crazy. Most of the time trick or treating there wasn't even a cloud. The hail was followed by thunder and lightening, not that we could hear it over the cries from our house. 
Classic Halloween Pic:

We all were dressed for church and then decided to watch the service from home instead. I love this little monogrammed dress on KC.
 I am so ready for the holidays! I purchased my first Christmas present today and my mom purchased this sweet set for KC! Chris even asked if the holiday lattes were out yet - obviously we are ready for some holiday fun!
How was your Halloween? Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Or do you need a candy detox first?