Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Review

Our weekend was a little different than expected. T and I spent Friday making banana bread, attending meetings, running errands and we snuck in a quick trip the playground. Saturday we attended N's tball game, and then spent the rest of the weekend out of town visiting with my mom's family. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Tomorrow is October! Time to get into full on fall mode! I have craft projects to share, recipes, and some of our favorite fall activities (now let me get my act together)!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Finds

I am in complete shock that October is next week! Next week! It seems like once October arrives, the weekends fill up fast and fly by just as quickly. In the spirit of fall, my favorite Friday Finds:

With the change in the weather, I find myself wanting to visit coffee shops more and more. I saw this link a year ago and I've kept it close. While we tend to stick with hot chocolate this time of year, the apple cider for kids sounds like a winner too. My boys always find a visit to a coffee shop a treat, and they love getting anything in a coffee cup (even water). 

I could not resist purchasing these for N. I'd waited and waited to purchase the Yoda ones, and when I saw these they were an instant buy. N has no clue about the Star Wars story, although he loves Angry Bird Star Wars, but he found these really funny. 

What style that's reasonably priced? Julia Ryan at Pawley's Island Posh picked some great item for boys and girls all from Old Navy. Check out her picks! Today you can get 20% off your order with ONGIFT.

During one of our during preschool coffee dates, my husband and I saw these journals at PaperSource. One reason we loved these so much is because each page asks a question (such as when did you get your first car?). It is a great way to record history and keep it for years and years to come. 

I love special touches in my boys' lunch boxes. Last year I had paper napkins that were festive, this year I'm thinking something reusable would be a little nicer. I found these at sewcutequilts on Etsy and love them!! They are a great deal too!

I hope everyone has a great weekend planned! We are supposed to go apple picking in the mountains this weekend (although our plans may quickly change). Don't forget Janie and Jack's Friends and Family Sale started today - 25% off your purchase with the code JJFAF!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Arrivals Everywhere!

It seems like yesterday was new arrival Monday! My inbox and mailbox were filled with fall (and Christmas) items.  I loved looking through the Pottery Barn Kids catalogue, which took me from Halloween to Christmas in just about 20 pages. Sometimes their items seem over the top to me, but this time it all captured me (and a lot of items are even cuter in store). My boys actually really like looking through this catalogue as well (and Chasing Fireflies) because of the decorations and costumes. Here are a few of my standout items:
I love the tables they create, and the adorable plates but I'm not a fan of melamine (yet, I may change my mind). I stopped instore today (to pick up more of their stainless steel lunch containers, love them) and they had so many cute things out that I don't see online or in the catalogue! (oh and if you are in the mood for Christmas, stockings ship for free).

In walking to Pottery Barn Kids, I had to pass by Janie and Jack. I should have closed my eyes. I haven't shopped there in awhile and walking by I saw this:
I wanted to purchase every item! It is adorable. And online doesn't do it justice at all!! Friday begins their Friends and Family sale (25% off and free shipping if you spend over $100). I looked around and found a few other items to love:
football jeans (these are so much cuter in person)

A new Kelly's Kids catalogue also arrived. I could probably buy every single girl dress style in there. For the boys, I'm loving the monogrammed vest.
Paris Dress (the dress comes in lots of colors)
Charlotte Dress (available in different prints as well)
I promised myself I wouldn't post Christmas outfits, but Kelly's Kids and Hanna Andersson had some super cute ones. Those will come though (and it's still 75 degrees today, so not quite the Christmas mood). 

Gap is 35% off until midnight tonight! I may order N a few pairs of jeans as I saw his ankles in the ones he wore yesterday (that we bought last spring)!

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!! 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Review

You know those wonderful weekends when you have nothing planned? And then you do everything you can think of because the weather is perfect and you have plenty of time? That was our weekend! 
Our one planned outing was N's t-ball game. We were all a little nervous since his last practice was so terrible, but he played some great defense, had a hit and even was awarded the game ball! We were so proud.

The boys begged to decorate for Halloween. It was dreary and cold so getting all the decorations out seemed appropriate.

There was a big game going on so I took the boys to our favorite spot for hot cocoa and cupcakes. T suggested we get ice cream afterwards. That did not happen. 

Tomato soup and grilled cheese finished our cool, rainy day perfectly (with this candle burning - my favorite).

Sunday was crisp and cool in the morning. Perfect for coffee and bagels before church and a playground trip after church. 

With the beautiful weather and the beginning of fall, we headed across the street to the pumpkin patch after lunch. 
 The pumpkins may have been one of the lesser reasons the boys were so excited to visit. There was the duck race, the sandbox, the tractor, the hayride, the chickens, the corn maze, and of course the slushies. 
It was quite a weekend and now Monday seems quiet and back to routine. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a great start to fall!

And since I have completely overloaded this blog with pictures, I will share that the JCrew sale is still going on (SHOPFALL gets you 25% off), Hanna Andersson just released their Christmas sweaters and PJs (sweaters and dresses are currently on sale), GapKids is 35% off (code THANKYOU) and Kate Quinn Organics is on Zulily (invite here if you need one).

Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Finds

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a great week! N loved piano lessons and had his worst t-ball practice ever (let's hope the game is better, or rained out). T hasn't let go of horse since we found him. I even heard him say, "Horsey you're my best friend. I'm not going to lose you." 

Here's my Friday Finds for this week:

1. Mr. Putter and Tabby - This is one of our absolute favorite series and a new book just came out! With N playing t-ball I cannot wait to read it with him. I'll do a full post of this beloved series soon. There's always giggling when we read these books (and the first graders I used to teach loved them too). 

Animal Farm Wallpaper from ferm LIVING - I still have the boys' room on the brain. There is no chance my husband will wallpaper, I think this would be adorable on the back of a bookcase. Its playful but doesn't scream kids. I love the green color too.

A Tiny Arrow Hair Clip - How sweet is this! Hair clips have to be one of my favorite little girl accessories. This shop is full of beauties, however the shop owner is on vacation right now (sorry)! I'd even wear this in my hair. 

Morgan and Milo Rosette Shoes - These are so ladylike and playground appropriate! These would match so many outfits and definitely work year round.

Star PJs - I can't lie, I have a thing for PJs. I love them. I'm sure at certain points my boys have had more pjs than regular clothes. This are adorable and remind me of Mini Boden, but at a $15 price tag. I always size up on PJs, especially Old Navy ones.

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL WEEKEND! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Teacher Information

At the beginning of the year I like to give the teacher a questionnaire. A lot of schools will have the teachers fill one out, but I've never had one that was super comprehensive. It's great to have from the beginning so you aren't scrambling to find out info at the holidays or when you want to surprise the teacher. Here's a list of questions I ask:
It seems like a lot of parents love to spoil their child's teacher. I was completely spoiled when I taught (my favorite coffee showed up with muffins at early morning conferences or tutoring sessions). And I think when you give your child to someone else for multiple hours in the day and they are loved and happy you can't help but want to do whatever you can for the person who has taken your child under their wing. The monogram comes in handy for tumblers or bags. Hobbies, restaurants, shops, and knowing electronic usage helps for giving awesome gift cards (the #1 gift preferred by teachers). Shoe size may seem weird, and I've be able to figure it out without flat out asking before (think "Oh your feet are so tiny, what size do you where?") and I like to ask because of all the adorable flip flops that come out in the spring! Is there anything you would add to the list? I'm always looking to add to the list. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Weekend Review

I'm just a little late on this weekend review! Sunday night we discovered T's lovie, horse, had gone missing! After both Chris and I taking turns driving to everywhere we'd been that day (of course everywhere was closed), and N offering to let T take any of his animals to sleep with and of course both boys needing to sleep in our room to deal with the loss - I ordered another "horse" off Ebay. Then yesterday morning, T and I saw N to the bus stop, hopped in the car and retraced our steps from the day before (along with asking inside at each place, including showing a picture of horse) and FOUND HIM!! He was at our church (which is 30 minutes away and we'd now driven 3 times in 24 hours). Someone found him in the parking lot (Horse isn't allowed out of the car) and turned him in. Thank goodness! Of course T refused to let go of horse the rest of the day, but I couldn't blame him.

As for our weekend, it was busy but it felt great to get so many things done (and to visit with friends and family). It started with perfect weather. The sky was beautiful. I took this as the boys rode bikes on the street. 
 T and I headed to the greenways (my favorite place).
 We had our first snake sighting there. After I took this picture, T said, "Look he picked up his head." And I said, "Let's go!" Both us and the snake scampered away quickly.
 N's first T-ball game was Saturday. Poor N, his team is really good, and well he's not quite as good. The other team asked to stop playing because so many of the guys on our team hit hard.
 We had some playground time before a birthday party.
 Not just any party, a video game party - N loved it.
 We had some time just T and us. He is a different kid without N. 
We headed back to church after a summer break and taught 15 3 year olds (which included 3 sets of twins)! We spent the afternoon baking, mowing and doing laundry for the week ahead. Today N starts piano lessons. Hopefully it will go well!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! JCrew is 25% off with the code SHOPFALL, Pottery Barn Kids is having a great bedding sale and Garnet Hill is 25% off today! Great deals.