Friday, November 7, 2014

Five on Friday

I cannot believe we've had our first full week of November. It was a busy week and Chris was out of town for most of it, but he is taking today off so it feels like the weekend already. I'm linking up with the Five on Friday girls, Natasha, Darci, Christina, and April. For today I thought I'd share some random thoughts -
1. November is one of my favorite months! I love Thanksgiving and the excitement leading up to Christmas festivities. I love the idea of being thankful in general. I really want to make the kids more aware of being grateful for time, things, experiences, but it has been really difficult to get them to understand the concept (they always want five more minutes, or another piece of candy). 

2. Anthro has 20% off sweaters. I tried on these and really liked them.

I tried on this and really hated it.

3. Gap Friends and Family sale is on. I need some winter clothes for my girl. Thinking of these:
gap girls

4. We put away all our Thomas the Train track and trains this week. It's freed up a ton of space, but it was also a moment. I was totally sick of Thomas, but it still seems so weird. Along those lines, N has decided I'm now "mom" because "mommy" sounds to babyish. 

5. Mockingjay comes out this month!!! I'm thinking of rereading the trilogy (because I've read absolutely nothing since Me Before You and I need something easy). Chris and I have a Thanksgiving weekend date to see it. Now I just have to get KC to take a bottle.

Are you excited for the weekend? Does anyone get a long weekend? The kids are in school Monday but out on Tuesday - why can't they just give them Monday as well! 


  1. We are just getting started on our train collection. I can't wait until the day it all goes away. There is no good way to store all the track, at least not that I've found yet. Tuesday off? Monday would make way more sense, but of course that's too easy. Happy Friday!

  2. My 2 year old has been calling me mom lawyerly which is just ridiculous! I was barely adjusting to losing my mama title and taking on mommy. Mom is just not okay with me yet!

  3. Awesome roundup! Cowl neck sweaters are always tricky...they look good on the hanger but awful on. Enjoy a restful weekend, Kristen :)

  4. Love your baby girl clothes picks- I want them now!! I'm looking forward to Mockingjay too! Time to start lining up a sitter!

  5. First of all, I have no idea how I missed this post. Second. On Friday, I decided to play polyvore for the first time, and made that board I posted with the same dress. I just schedule posts out later in the week. Great minds think alike! And polyvore was so much easier than photoshop like I used to use. I bought the dress a bit ago, but still haven't gotten it in the mail. I hope it's as cute online. I love that long anthro sweater! And let me know if you come up with any tips for getting kids to be grateful. I think it's a really hard thing for their little minds to grasp, but I'd love to instill it early in Olivia if possible.