Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Power Sticks (Art)

A while back I pinned this image on Pinterest.
My boys are obsessed with finding sticks in the back yard and I knew it would be a perfect activity for a summer day. We had to let the sticks dry out for a few days (it has been raining way too much here). I taped the sticks off for the boys, and we were ready to go.
 We used non-washable paint, so the patio was covered with a sheet and play clothes were a must.

 The finished product:
The boys love these sticks. I think I could probably retape them in different places and have another day of painting to make more bands of color, but for now, they are perfect.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Following through Bloglovin

Since the end of Google Reader (so sad), I'd been using The Old Reader to follow my favorite blogs. However, The Old Reader is ending now as well. So I've switched again - to Bloglovin. If you would like to follow there's a button on my blog and a link below - either works! And thank you for following!
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Hanna Andersson on Zulily!

Hanna Andersson is on Zulily today! The quality of Hanna is definitely superior to most brands. My boys love Hanna PJs, and their "comfy" pants (deck pants I think). Most of my picks from Zulily are girls - the guys just weren't as represented. Need a Zulily invite - click here.
undies 11.99 (love their undies)
Playsuit/PJs 17.99
PJs 19.99
Striped Dress 19.99 this is a favorite of mine paired with these tights 7.99

Also, J Crew is offering free shipping today! You can also use STYLE40 for 40% off sale items! 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Review

I hope everyone had a great weekend and Monday didn't live up to it's reputation. I thought I'd include a few pictures from last week because honestly we didn't do too much this weekend (some time at the playground, some snow cones, a little shopping, that was about it). Last week, we visited one of our favorite childrens' museums after meeting Chris for lunch.
 My boys are still covered in tattoos from the Angry Birds party.
After the museum, we visited this fountain and after about five minutes, we were asked to leave (something about insurance reasons). The boys were drenched by then, so cooling off was accomplished.
(The boys shirts are from the Vineyard Vines Whale of a Sale. They are sold out, but N's shorts are there - in colors)
Our neighbor is fostering this kitten and was out of town over the weekend, so we took over feeding duties. She is so sweet and loving and the boys loved her.
(Shoes are from Nordstrom Sale - but hurry)
 The playground was a hit on Sunday (and hot).
 I'm so in love with T's hair. Cutting it always brings me anxiety.
 Riding bikes is a favorite activity, and our neighborhood and driveway are quite hilly. Today we visited the greenways and the boys were happy (and tired by the end). N is almost ready for those training wheels to come off!
 Our favorite snowcone place is literally a shack and it's only open summer afternoons. This made their day!
 I have a quick art project to share later this week and I need a plan for my boys rooms. I'll be searching pinterest and taking suggestions for shared rooms in really small spaces - hopefully I'll have a plan to share later this week as well.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Petit Ami on Zulily

I'm not sure how I missed this, well, I do have an idea - my husband is completely against overalls and jon jons for the boys. But I do love Petit Ami and they are on Zulily (need an invite? click here) for another day! So I won't be buying anything but if I did, here's what it would be:
And I love this set for a brother/sister pairing:

I hope everyone has had a great weekend! I can't believe it's almost Monday already.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Finds

I tried to convince my husband that these were perfect for T for fall. He disagreed. I still love them though. I can see them with so many different outfits.

I love these bookends for the boys' room.

These are perfect for back to school. I know my niece would love them!
This is such a great deal and such a great tank - shorts or jeans, throw on a cardigan or jean jacket in the cool months. Love it. All JCrew sale items are 40% off with STYLE 40 - I scoop up a few plain boy long sleeve tees for N. Such a great deal.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I can feel the summer days dwindling and school creeping up. The school supply lists are out, my big guy learned to tie his shoes yesterday, and our mornings in pjs with breakfast on the patio are going to end - so we are soaking it up - every last minute.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Angry Bird Birthday

With the summer being full of birthdays, I've already mentioned I have birthday's on the brain. I've shared a few of my favorite gifts, but what about the parties. Each year we've done different things for birthday celebrations, this year it was an Angry Bird party with a few friends at our house. We kept it simple, some crafts, decorating cookies, a set of boxes with a slingshot to play the game, and of course cake. I have to admit something here though - I'm not a fan of birthday parties. They are just too overwhelming. I like simple and small (and yet still very thoughtful). 

I do love seeing all the creativity and detail put into parties. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration, but I've always loved the Anders Ruff girls (and they are local). I want to share an Angry Bird party from their site, done through Banner Events. Here's the link for the whole party, and here are a few of my favorite shots taken by A Fresh Take Photograph

My little guy's party wasn't quite like that, but here are a few shots:
Our Angry Birds set up
 Creating our own Angry Birds (not to be used in the sling shot - just for fun). This one is still in the creation process.
 Cookie decoration (this child took it very literal)
 Creating paper sets with stickers (N's favorite)
 I completely forgot the masks until the last minute!
Be sure to see all the themes on the Anders Ruff's website, and the parties! They are all so well planned and executed - and great inspiration.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Review and Nordstrom Sale

N turned 6 on Friday! It seems completely unbelievable. We spent the day celebrating him by doing whatever he wanted to do (it is tradition). We started with doughnuts, followed up with playground and toy store, and ended with a party/playdate with his buddies. It was the perfect day. The celebration continued with a family party on Saturday and ended Sunday with Grandma and Grandpa having to pack up and head back home. It was a great weekend.

We did sneak in some shopping at Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale on Saturday. Luckily everything we wanted was still available, but if you haven't shopped, you need to fast! Here are my picks (boys followed by girls):
Hanna PJs (27.90 sale, 42.00 after)
North Face Jacket (72.90 sale, 99 after)
Sperry Top Sider (32.90 sale, 49.95 after)
Tucker and Tate Sweater (25.90 sale, 39.50 after) 
This is much prettier in person and so so soft! It's in big boy sizes though.

Joe's Skinny Jean (31.90 sale, 49.00 after)

Tucker and Tate Dress (27.90 sale, 42.00 after)
I can see this styled with a scarf and booties, and it would go right into fall

Tucker and Tate Tunic (24.90 sale, 38 after)
Love this one, especially with those Joe's Skinny Jeans.
Tucker and Tate Robe (29.90 sale, 39.50 after)
This would be a great gift with a monogram on it and some bubble bath!

I hope you had a great weekend and happy shopping!