Friday, August 19, 2016

Five on Friday

We just picked up school teacher assignments which is making this whole back to school thing feel more real. To keep summer fun going we're heading to the pool today with friends. For today's Five on Friday it's a nice random mix (linking up with Christina and April as always):

1. Last night Chris and I had date night and it was wonderful. We ran to do a few returns (I forgot what it's like walking through the mall without kids) and then headed to dinner. It had rained earlier so it was nice and cool and perfect for sitting outside.

2. In a rare moment KC had a terrible night of sleep. I'm not sure what was going on but she was up a lot. The next morning T asked if he could go wake her and I mentioned she'd hadn't slept well and we'd been up all night. The boys told me to go back to bed and in a few minutes I had two smiley faced breakfasts and coffee! They'd figured out how to work the Keurig. I did finally wake KC at 9am.

3. The rug for the girls' room arrived (3 day shipping!!) and it's perfect! I love it even more than I thought I would. It's from West Elm and still on sale (it's a great price for a fluffy wool rug).

4. We braved the park in the crazy heat this week so afterward I took the kids to lunch and out for TCBY. It was a huge hit.

5. I started ordering Christmas presents. With an early December due date I want to have everything done and wrapped before the baby arrives (this probably sounds like a joke to people who know me). I follow Kidz Steals and Deals on FB and have gotten a few great deals through there (they post Amazon deals). Any other sites or groups I should follow?

I hope you've had a great week and are looking forward to a good weekend. N has baseball evaluations which means our weekends are about to be swallowed by baseball yet again. Did I mention how not ready I am to start back into schedules and sports?! Long live summer.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Currently Wanting

Today's post is a random mix of items I've been wanting (and one I finally bought)! I have back to school, home decorating, Christmas, all on my brain these days! I think maybe getting some thoughts in order will help me feel more together (ha... not sure that will happen until the house is actually remodeled, right now all the improvements seem so overwhelming).

My favorite Etsy store, True Cotton, reopened after a summer break! I love this print. I also love following her work on Instagram. I have a few of her prints already and have given a few as gifts. 

KC is obsessed with jewelry. She has some Chewbead necklaces and bracelets and I would love to add her to collection. These are off Amazon, but I've found them at pretty much any children's store. She wears her necklaces and bracelets everywhere (if only I could convince her to wear a bow too).

 I've ordered a few back to school items for the kids, but one I haven't ordered yet is a Yumbox. They were a lightening deal a week ago and I missed it! It seems crazy to spend $30 on one, so I need another sale!
Since I'm huge these days I really don't want to shop for clothes, but jewelry is another thing. KC has broken every long necklace I have and I love this layered/tassle look from Baublebar! It's even on sale (which is pretty perfect for not wanting to spend a lot on trendy pieces).

I ordered this rug from West Elm on Sunday. It's on sale through today and I had a gift card and a coupon! Huge score! It will be delivered tomorrow and I can't wait to try it out in the girls' room! 

Have a great Tuesday! I'm trying out an oatmeal muffin recipe (with chocolate chips) today and I'm hoping I'll be able to freeze some for future lunch box staples. Then I have to figure out what to do with the kids in this 100 degree heat! Yesterday we tried out a trampoline park that was a hit!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! In true Friday fashion cinnamon rolls are in the oven. The boys are still sleeping because we let them stay up to watch the gymnastics till 9pm (then I felt bad they missed the best part! not loving the late coverage). This week's Five on Friday will review the week just a bit.

1. The boys were at my parents for the first part of the week. This allowed me to take KC to library storytime. Our closest library is closed for a year for renovations (ironically a month after we move five minutes from it) but the librarians are offering story time at some local churches. KC loved it! It took her a minute to warm up but after that she was all about it. Throw in a stamp and bubbles at the end and she had a blast.

2. My parents brought bins back from their house. We stored so much stuff there when we decluttered (instead of just getting rid of it all). One bin was our CD collection (who uses those anymore!). This was a bit of gem I found (and it was Chris'). Aren't they on like 60 now?

3. It rained almost every day this week which has actually been nice, especially when it happens at nap time. The other day it was bright and sunny and raining and their was a rainbow in our yard!

4. I've been trying really hard to get 5 miles of walking in each week. Not just steps, but like sneakers and sweating walking. It's not super easy with all the kids home because I can't just put the boys in a stroller and go. Usually they ride their bike and I walk around the neighborhood, but I always worry a little when I can't keep my eye on them and we are on a new route. It limits our walks. This week once they returned I loaded up their bikes and the stroller and we headed to the greenways. I wasn't sure how long they would last, but it was worth trying. Luckily we made it 2 miles! It put me at almost 6 miles for the week!

5. Natalie at Design Bags and Dirty Diapers posted this eggplant stacks recipe and we tried it last night. It was super yummy and even approved by my 6 year old. I hear the leftovers are even better, we will find out tonight.

I hope your week has been a good one and you're looking forward to the weekend. Linking up with April and Christina!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hanna Andersson BTS Favorites

Over the weekend Hanna Andersson had a 25% off sale. I mentioned this to Chris and he was game for some shopping. We both love Hanna clothes because they are amazing quality - you can pass them down year after year (unlike others I love like Gap or Mini Boden that just wear out). It's also nice that they still carry N's size - he's at an old stage were old stand bys group him into either size 8s or 10s, and ones too short and ones too large.

While we didn't buy everything I'm listing, I will be watching for the next sales to purchase the rest. KC even picked a few of the girl items on her own (and even something for the new baby). She loves to shop.

Hanna Andersson Girl BTS picks

The navy skirt and dress have the sweetest flower print, and pretty much everything on this list comes in other colors. I usually buy a few of their pima tees because they are so soft and thick. I like to stock up when they are on sale and use them for monograms and appliques as well.

The boys weren't with us, so we had free range for their purchases. We didn't get everything here, but I will definitely add what we didn't get. I love Hanna polos for corner monograms. The jeans vary from year to year, so I'll have to see once the boys get home how they will work. Again, it's so nice they offer N's size versus having to go with either an 8 or a 10.

Hanna Andersson BTS Boy

It seems like we purchase a hoody every other year for T. They are the softest, warmest hoodies! He's not a fan of coats, but he will gladly wear one of these. Both boys are getting the baseball tee, it's crazy soft (and it's buy one get one at 50% off).

And last, we couldn't leave without something for the upcoming arrival - mainly because KC picked it out and said "Baby Katherine" - how can you say no to that?!?

HA Baby Favs

KC picked out the black and white polka dotted onesie for the baby and ran it the register. I picked out the pink sweatshirt for KC (she can still wear the baby sizing since it goes up to 3). And I love the crossover onesies for little babies!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Weekend Review

This weekend was one for the books (or blog). August usually makes me a little sad with the impending school year about to start, the thought of summer leaving, and all the schedules and homework about to occur. But this weekend we took full advantage of the fact that it is still most definitely summer.

In the evenings (and some days at lunch too), KC and I wait for daddy to arrive home. Friday, Abby, Elmo, and Cookie Monster waited too. We knew we would have memories we missed at the old house, and this is quickly becoming a favorite memory from the new house. If friends aren't over the boys will ride bikes down the street to race Chris home. I usually use the find my friend app to see how close he is before I send them down the road.

Friday night Chris' company hosted dinner at the Knight's game. The weather was questionable but we would at least have a covered area to wait out rain and the boys were so excited to go. 

And rain it did! The game had a 10 minute delay, played one inning and then it poured. After about an hour and twenty minutes the game started again (under a beautiful rainbow). The Panthers were having Fan Fest at the stadium right next door so we watched the jumbotron and when our game was still in the 4th inning at 10pm, we watched Fan Fest fireworks and called it a night.

I wasn't sure how KC would react to the fireworks but she LOVED them. She did comment that they were loud but referred to them as "noise bubbles" and would laugh. The rain also gave her a few ringlets!

We hit the 22 week mark with this pregnancy. This is my go to summer outfit and will be seen at any event or gather I attend because I really don't want to buy more clothes (however Chris is sick of me saying that nothing fits except one pair of shorts). I need winter weather when I have more options!

Saturday was party day for N. His birthday is in July but we arranged his party so his closest friends would be able to make it. For years he has wanted a Game Truck party but our old house had a narrow yard and a narrow street and I just didn't see how it would work. When we picked this house, it was my first promise to him. He loved it. For an hour and half we didn't hear from the kids (and hosted little siblings inside), after the truck left we fed everyone and a soccer game broke out in the back yard. N was so happy with the day (and the sweet kid that he is, he helped clean up and set up for the party without us saying anything).

Sunday was slightly a dreaded day for Chris and I. My parents have been asking all summer to have the boys for a week. We settled on three days this week. Sunday they drove down to pick them up. Before they arrived T painted KC's nails. T usually isn't a softy at all, he's competitive, demanding, and not patient at all, but when it comes to KC he is a different kid. A friend even mentioned how she really brings out his softer side and as she's grown it has become more and more apparent. 

With nails done, necklace on, both bracelets, and sandals to show of her toes, KC was ready for breakfast (she refused a bow, still working on that). 

After breakfast was our goodbyes (and tears, from Chris). The boys were headed to Dan Nicholas park on the way to my parents' house for paddle boat rides, carousel rides, gem mining, and a train ride. And those of us left behind napped while it thundered and poured before hitting the mall and dinner with Chris' mom. 

This morning KC slept past 8:30 and the house has been so quiet. We're meeting Chris for lunch later and in all the excitement of the weekend I forgot to order groceries - so we might be headed out for dinner too. 

I hope your first weekend in August was fun. Some of our family and friends in different states head back to school today, if that's you as well I hope it's a great day~!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! I hope the week has gone smoothly! I really cherishing these summer days of sleeping in (till 7:30, but still later than during the school year) and slow mornings (cinnamon rolls are currently in the oven)! I'm linking up with April and Christina for Five on Friday!

1. We moved the boys downstairs last weekend. They'd been in the back bedroom upstairs but in shifting them downstairs they get their own bathroom and the girls can move into their old room (bigger than the current room they would both be in) AND Chris and I can finally have an office! The room full of boxes went from this to this -

Please excuse the unmade beds... 
we still have work to do in here, hanging pictures and organizing (and adding a bookshelf)
I'm not thrilled with the furniture, but like so many rooms in the new house it seems like things just don't fit as well. 

2. I shared pictures of our old home here and had a local watercolor artist create a picture to frame in our current house. It turned out so perfect.

3. Speaking of the new house, our kitchen doesn't have a microwave. While we waited for the painters to finish I wondered if once we had our kitchen back we run out and purchase a countertop one or if we'd see how it went without one. Apparently I'm the only one in the house on team microwave. Chris is happy to never have one again and I am missing the quickness at which my beloved Amy's burritos could be prepared. But we've made it work for two months, so maybe we are going without it for good. (and it's not because we think there's some crazy waves that cause cancer - chris just thinks food tastes better when prepared "correctly" - his thoughts not mine, I like fast and easy ;) ).

4. My friend and I took our big kids ice skating this week while the little ones stayed with the sitter. It was so much fun! I forgot socks, but honestly it was probably better because my butt would have been all over the ice. I was designated bag holder and picture taker. Nothing like celebrating the summer olympics with some winter olympic activity :) (and side note one of my favorite skaters from the 92 Olympics, Paul Wylie, is a teacher at this rink!)

5. In reference to pop culture, I put myself on the waitlist at the library for the new Harry Potter. I'm only number 300+. I also ordered this version of the first book when it dropped to $8. I'm looking forward to reading it with the boys. It's a bigger book with lots of beautiful illustrations.

And have you seen the new preview for Gilmore Girls. I cannot wait. Bring on the coffee fueled duo!