Monday, June 5, 2017

Week in Review

A weekend that felt like five days and they were all amazing is hard to come by, but that was this weekend for us. It was just an incredible weekend, one that doesn't happen often. I mentioned in my last post that the boys games were rained out on Wednesday night. N's was reschedule for Friday night. So off the school bus and on to the field it was. Two families that we're good friends with came to cheer on the team which was unbelievably sweet and made T and KC super happy to have people to play with during the evening. The team won and moved on to play Saturday morning (it's a double elimination tournament in which we lost our first game so we've worked our way through the loser's bracket). T's game was also schedule for Saturday morning. So after leaving the field around 8:30pm Friday night, the boys were back at it at 8am Saturday morning. N played first and he had an amazing game. He'd been in such a hitting slump but had two awesome hits and caught a line drive at second (in addition to his normal play at first). Kids can only play a certain position four innings (except pitchers are limited to 2) so N plays 1st base for 4 innings and then second base. The team is in the championship game tonight but will have to win twice to win it all (and playing the team that sent us to the loser's bracket).

Midway through N's game Chris and T had to leave for T's game. Chris is also the assistant coach. I stayed to watch the rest of N's and cheer him on, but could hear cheering from T's side of the field. When I made it over, T's team was up 3-0. But it was tied up in the 6th (which is normally the end), so we played on. T plays first base and had a major stretch and scoop to get an out right before the other team would have scored to end it. To end it all, one of our players hit a homerun and the game was over! T's team won their division championship and they were so excited. It was such a sweet sweet team.

 KC wasn't as thrilled spending this day at the field... 

T's end of season party was scheduled for 1pm, but with the extra innings no one made it over there until closer to 1:30pm.  After a long day on the field, the kids got any extra energy they had out at a trampoline park. Then we spent the rest of the day ordering the kids to watch tv and rest (with some neighborhood playing in there too). 

We ended our day with our final picture with 2 year old KC, chocolate faced and being goofy. 

And we woke up to 3 year old KC! So hard to believe that this girl is THREE!
 I ran to grab wrapping paper after she went to bed and my go to place (home goods) had one roll left of this adorable popsicle print, perfect for this girlie who only wanted "candy" for her birthday).

All the grandparents arrived and even our special neighbor who comes to "play" and help with KC brought her a present and spent the day with her. KC was overall pretty tired (we had terrible thunderstorms during the night that kept her up for at least an hour) and very opposed to having her picture taken, but she had a great day.

We took our picture at 4:14pm to celebrate the time we first met 3 years ago! A tradition in our family. KC was all about making faces for the camera.

We ended the day at The Pancake House for KC's requested strawberry pancakes. They brought them out with sprinkles and a candle. Today we will be taking it easy and playing with friends, and maybe, if it doesn't rain, heading back to the baseball field. 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Thoughts for Thursday

It seems crazy to me that it is only Thursday. This week feels extra long and it's actually a day shorter! What's even crazier that this week feels long is that I've been away from the kids twice this week, which usually a break makes everything shorter but for some reason not this time.

Tuesday I cashed in part of my Mother's Day gift and headed to the salon. I haven't dyed my hair since college (it was a terrible idea back then - blonde is not my color) and the grays were taking over. I saw a friend of a friend who is an amazing colorist and then followed it up with a cut. And who knows what balayage is, but I had it done. Maybe even more impressive than no longer seeing gray hairs is that Chris survived with the kids. I returned home to a report of no tears and there were two neighborhood kids playing too.
(14 months without a cut...phew)


It's tournament time for baseball. There was a game Tuesday night and then two games last night, except by the time the sitter arrived and I made it to the field the sky had opened up and it was pouring rain. I missed a couple innings but it looks like they will have to restart the games this weekend. So we headed to Amelie's and then called it a night. Usually only N has weekend games so when T heard we had a sitter and he had a game he asked if he won could we go. We told him win or lose we'd go. The three guys sat there soaking wet and cold but enjoyed every bite of their french pastries.

Our weekend was rather low key with baseball practice, church, some shopping, dinner with friends (and a super fun family kickball game afterwards), and neighborhood walks for doughnuts. We also spent one evening making smores, hunting fireflies, and lighting sparklers.

She left with the flip flops...I'm a sucker.

The little ones too small for kickball were rewarded with playground time after the game.

All my kids dislike going to church, but love the lemonade and goldfish after 
(and of course tree climbing too)

Our walk on Memorial Day led to pastries, coffee, a fountain, and a little shopping.

 I hope your week is going well. Happy June! It's a little crazy we are in June already! The kids have one more week of school.... eek!!!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! What a week! N was supposed to have a game tournament game Tuesday (same night as T's practice) but with the crazy weather it was postponed two nights. So last night he had his second tournament game and came out with a win - phew. It's been a week where the weather has really determined schedule which is hard to plan for (luckily our sitter was available last night).

I'm linking up with April, Natasha, and Christina for Five on Friday today and talking about random things that have been on my mind.

1. Chris was in Charleston this week. He texted me this and I had to laugh. If 15 years ago you'd told me that my hip hop/rap loving boyfriend who was obsessed with sports was going to send this text I wouldn't believe you.

2. The text also relates to one of our favorite shows that is back on Netflix! Master of None is so well done and Aziz is hilarious. I love the first few episodes are in Italy and in Italian. I can pick a few words out here and there. It makes me think of our honeymoon in Florence. We dream about going back (and maybe learning the language a little more).
 (photos of photos because I have no clue where the memory card for these are)

3. N and I just started the 2nd Harry Potter. I'm so excited he loves the series. I also don't want him to get too far before he's older though (I think he needs to be a little more mature to understand the later books). I'm getting a summer reading list together for him and T. The book Wonder has been all over my Facebook feed (especially since it's becoming a movie), so I'm planning on ordering it. Any suggestions for other good reads? Diving into books with the boys is one of my favorite things!

4. Summer....oh gosh it's right around the corner and I have nothing planned! We haven't even booked our beach trip. I need to come up with some ideas and fast. I loved our day trip to Asheville over spring break and I know the boys will want to spend some time with my parents to visit their pool and the museums, but some nice random fun things around the city would be fun too (what are they I wonder...). They both want to try soccer, so I need to to hunt down some type of soccer thing.

5. Alright what have you guys got for Father's Day?! I'm struggling. Chris did an amazing job with Mother's Day (funny enough he gave me my gift the Friday before because he was so excited, it all worked out since he spent Mother's Day in the hospital)! He made a comment when he gave me my gift that he's "all about experiences" now - so I feel like I need something good. I'd thought about a trip to Charleston because there are friends there he's wanted to visit for the past year, but it's hard to organize with the kids. Any suggestions?

I hope your week has gone well and you are looking forward to a long weekend. We hope to find a way so show our gratitude for those who gave their lives for our freedom.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Yesterday I...

...didn't get anyone dressed, including myself.

...didn't cook a meal.

...didn't leave the house (except to play in the yard).

...cleaned up 3 accidents (dog and toddler).

...had a margarita and a glass of wine (whoop whoop).

And I won't complain about it one bit! It was amazing. I did laundry, built blocks, watched "bet you can't laugh" videos with the boys (we all belly laughed), and snuggled a baby. These are the days...

Monday, May 22, 2017

Week in Review

I decided to change my usual "weekend review" to "week in review" because it's easier to capture our experiences this way.

With Chris recovering from surgery I'd love to say this was a low key week, but it was far from it. We started with N having a Monday night baseball game. Since my parents were still in town to help I left T and KC home with my mom and took Katherine and my dad to the game. Katherine was an angel baby and played on her mat and slept during the game. We were home by 9 and my parents headed back home.
Tuesday I left Chris to rest and work at home while I took the girls to music. Their last class is this week and it is making me so sad. We can't do classes over the summer since the boys are out of school. After music we always go to lunch with our buddies and then visit a bike shop to see Winston (the most adorable golden retriever). Tuesday is also piano and baseball practice day. Since Chris is coaching he needed to go, but promised to take it easy (I'm not sure he did).

We had the cleaners come on Wednesday, which I was going to reschedule so Chris could rest but he laughed at that suggestion. We headed to brunch at my favorite spot and then visited the ducks.

Thursday was a nice break with playing outside and Friday was back to baseball practice before games on Saturday.
The Saturday games could not have gone worse. It was awful to watch. After a full day at the field we were ready to relax and order pizza.

Since the boys played so poorly Chris took T to the field bright and early Sunday morning, while I took the rest of the crew to church. We stopped for coffee. Since we are regulars there during the week, another regular stopped to say hi. He saw N with us and said, "You have three kids?" It made me laugh and respond, "I actually have four." Since the boys are usually in school when we go I think I blew his mind. The kids were so good at church, but KC did not want to be dropped off for Sunday School. She didn't cry and she was excited when I picked her up, but man her face. Also I was so excited because their lesson ended up being Daniel and the Lions and I'd dressed her in a lion dress!

Last night both girls kept Chris and I up. I'm a tired mess right now. I noticed Katherine is getting a tooth (and I may have cried... I just don't want this baby to grow up) which may be why it was so hard to get to sleep.

This week we are working on potty training, attending our last music class (cue the tears), hoping baseball practice and tournament games get rained out, have our first set of EOGs (hence the hoping for rain to cancel baseball), and Chris has a quick trip out of town. Phew! I hope you're having a good start to the week.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Weekend Review: Mother's Day Weekend

 This was definitely a weekend we will remember. We started it off walking the boys to the bus stop and playing some catch before they "caught" the bus. They always wave to us (well unless they're mad at us) and it really is the sweetest thing. The bus turns right at our corner and so we wave them off down the street.

Chris worked from home and we made a trip to Dean and Deluca for lunch and the walked over to Paper Source for the best Mother's Day cards (don't be jealous of our awesome 1966 countertops).

 It was pretty chilly Friday so this girl was bundled up. She is getting so big and active. I've noticed she will get fussy if she doesn't have some "floor time."

Saturday started off bright at early with baseball pictures at 8am and a game at 9am. It was a big win (over a coach who yelled not so nice things) and we followed it up with another game and another big win (over a team that smashed T's nose). Afterwards we headed home ordered our favorite Chinese food, ate outside, and lit the firepit for smores (note: if you have a movable firepit and put it over grass it will kill said grass and I definitely should have known better). 

Sunday morning Chris was up super early and it wasn't to surprise me. He was sick. The poor guy would get sick and then apologize to me, like he could control it. The boys were up early so my parents and I grabbed bagels with them (my parents were visiting). KC slept in (thank goodness, she's a monster when she's tired). I'd left Curious George on and milk and crackers (her favorite) out by the couch so she wouldn't have to disturb Chris if she woke. When we returned she was still asleep. I checked on Chris and he was worse. It didn't take long to convince him to visit Urgent Care (I know it's bad if he's agreeing to get medical help). So by 9:30 we were at Urgent Care. It took them about 30 minutes to tell us he needed to go to the ER for a possible appendicitis and off we went. Chris went through scans and fluids and sure enough he needed his appendix out (or appy as the medical community referred to it - "oh he's here for an appy"). We were transferred to a room and told to wait.

It wasn't lost on me that it was Mother's Day and here I was, once again, relying on my mother (and father) for help. They (along with Chris' mom) watched the kids all day. I didn't get a chance to see KC at all on Mother's Day which I tried not to think about (and let's be honest, she most definitely in the terrible twos phase so it's not all bad). I had two pumped bottles frozen and once those were gone my parents brought Katherine to hang out at the hospital (and honestly since I didn't have my pump I *needed* her to come to the hospital as 9 hours without nursing a baby who eats every 3 can get a little uncomfortable). 

Around 8:15pm they came to take us to pre-op where we said our goodbyes. Katherine and I hung out in the waiting room having zerbert blowing contests. At 9:30 the surgeon came out to say it went great and he was recovering. A nurse took me back to visit him and he looked so much better! We all spent the night in the hospital. Chris took two work calls Monday morning and we were released around 11am. 

I was so excited to see KC, but she was definitely holding a grudge about us leaving without saying anything. She loves my parents but she doesn't handle change very well, especially unexpected change. It took her a day to warm up to me. 

N had a baseball game Monday night. My parents stayed to watch the kids so we could both go. And against doctor's orders Chris coached 1st base. I joke we were the last ones to leave the ball park as he hobbled back to the car. Since then we've been taking it easy and enjoying the time together. I've told him not to try this plan of emergency surgery with non-vital organs next year to get out of Mother's Day again (I mean who needs a gall bladder ;) ).