Friday, July 31, 2015

More Pictures

While the past two weeks have been more difficult than I'd like, I really appreciate the comments! I know things are going to get better. I think some of the emotions I'm currently facing are hormone enhanced as KC has starting just nursing at bedtime and when she wakes at night. Even then it's not usually a full feeding. I'm emotional person to begin with so it's kind of a perfect storm. 

Moving on, I wanted to share a few more pictures from early July when we had photos with Tracey of Bower Studio. I love them so much and Chris even said it was one of our better shoots. I was upset because I couldn't not find KC's white bow. Well last weekend Chris found it, in his shorts from the beach. Since then I've ordered 3 new white bows.

Here's to a great weekend, full of family and adventures. I hope it's a great one for you!

Friday, July 24, 2015

This Week

Let the record show that this week has sucked. Major. Big Time. Totally blew. But after all the dust settles (and it will settle) my family is still my family, we have our health, and about a million other things that should keep me from complaining. 

So let's talk about some awesome things.

First up, my sweet first born turned 8. He is amazing and everyone that meets him loves him. 
We celebrated with lots of sugar, grandparents, and many Legos. I could attempted a Lego rant here, but staying positive. I think 8 will be a great year for him. 

Next, I received our family pictures from Tracey at Bower Studio this week (hence the sweet pic above). I adore them all, but here are a few of my favorites.

To keep my mind off things, I decided to reread The Hunger Games series. Sometimes it's nice to get lost in a story when reality just doesn't seem great. Although I guess it's weird to get lost in a story with such a dark plot, but I think those that have read the series (everyone?) understand the pull the characters have. And maybe it makes me think things aren't so bad in comparison. I'm also prepping for the last movie coming out! Huge positive right there - can't wait. Did you see the new trailer that was released?! Soo excited!!

I've mentioned before that I follow It's a daily devotional (aimed at high school and college students, but hey it works). Today I read through the lesson to the prayer and this was the prayer:
Seriously, always a message I need to hear when I need to hear it. Now the putting blame part aside, it's going to be hard. But thank goodness for the message and the company in the whirlwind.

Do you have any go tos for hard times? I'd love to hear them. I've been blasting music, watching my fill of HGTV, playing board games with kids, swinging on the playground, and texting with my bff almost non-stop. They are nice distractions and I'd love more suggestions if you have them!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What I'm Currently NOT Buying for the Kids

Every year all the fall items enter the store (in July) and every year I say I'm not buying until it goes on sale. Then I cave and purchase items for reasons like, "We don't have any cold weather items," or "It might sell out," or "It's 5% off now." This year, I'm not buying. Yet. It's warm here through October so there is plenty of time for me to wait or for more (and cuter) items to arrive in stores. But if I was buying... I have a list of what I'd want:

Fall Kids 2015

I haven't even looked at the Nordstrom sale yet. Maybe I'll just skip looking. Why are kid's items so cute? My mother in law once said it's a shame they can only wear things for one season before you have to buy more in a bigger size, and I laughed because I love buying them new items each season! Are you buying anything now?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

How I Spent My Summer Vacation/The Real Stories from our Trip

Remember yesterday when I said our trip was amazing, well it was. But it had a ton of hiccups. I usually like to classify things - good/bad, easy/hard, right/wrong. It's my thing. But living in a family with four other people has made everything a bit more gray. In the spirit of honesty, here's how some things happened and why I feel the gray category is so important. 

Let's start with the 7 hour journey. It is normally 5 hours. There were crazy crazy storms most of the way there. My knuckles were bright white on the steering wheel. Our route has an hour where there is absolutely no where to stop. This would be the point were KC woke and started screaming. I wanted to just stop the car and cry, but I couldn't. When we finally found a place to stop, I realized KC's screams were from a reaction to something she had eaten for breakfast. Then I wanted to cry and crawl in a hole. She also ruined her adorable smocked shirt. But by the time we arrived, my parents had been at the house for awhile and everything to prepare for the week was already done. All we had to do was pull in our bags and head to the beach (see yesterday's post). Which almost made us forget the drive.

After our fun outing with mini golf, go karts, and bumper boats, we came home to have lunch (again part of yesterday's post). As I was cleaning off the table, I picked up my camera bag. I started to move it over to the counter when I realized my camera was not securely in the bag and it took a hard fall. It hit the table, a chair, and then the floor. I broke my favorite lens and my camera in two seconds. Later when we arrived home, iPhoto wouldn't recognize my pictures. This is were panic set in. Until Chris suggested a work around and after three days of work and one iPhoto crash, all my photos were transferred!

Our second day there, the people at the house beside us hung a confederate flag. After a couple days they replaced it with an American flag.

The first attempt at these pictures had T in a total tantrum. He didn't want to wear the clothes I picked for him. I promised him he could change when we finished. I said it would only last ten minutes. He whined and stomped. When we finished and I said, "T you can head up to the house and change now." He replied, "nah I don't want to," and wore the outfit the rest of the day.

We took a boat ride around the sound (part of yesterday's post). There were 12 people on our boat and our captain was giving us great lessons on the science and history of the area. After 45 minutes, KC had had enough and screamed for the last 15 minutes (right when we saw our first wild horse). It was pure torture. Everyone on the boat was very nice but I remember telling my family I needed to have a minute. And after that minute my dad and I enjoyed happy hour at our favorite restaurant.

N lost a tooth on the trip! He tucked it under his pillow for the fairy but the fairy and her helper couldn't find the darn tooth anywhere. It was even in a gallon sized ziploc bag! There were lots of guesses and assumptions the next morning on why the tooth remained. 

KC took her first steps at the beach house! She also woke up no less than four times a night. The last two nights she ended up with a terrible fever. She only wanted her momma and we snuggled under a full moon. Chris had been so excited for the full moon at the beach, but when we went to bed it was very cloudy. So at 2:30am I did him a favor and woke him up to join us outside. 

My parents love to eat out. They go to a restaurant for almost every meal. Right now, a restaurant is a workout for us. There was a natural conflict. One night after a long day on the beach my parents really wanted us all to go to this one specific restaurant. I wasn't thrilled, I was really tired (sleeping in two hour increments will do that to a person). We went. And it turned out to be a perfect night. We sat on the patio, there was live music, the weather was beautiful. I kind of wished dinner had lasted longer. 

Since we vacationed with my parents, Chris and I had plenty of moments to sneak away. We walked on the beach alone, snuck out for ice cream, and had a nice date night dinner during the week. It is definitely something I could get used to.

There's one spot on the island we love called "The Point." It's the end of the island where the ocean and sound meet. Usually we stay at a house there, but we booked late and it was taken. Chris wanted to drive down there for an afternoon. We thought it was a great idea, except it's a long walk from public parking to the actual point. Much longer when it's low tide. We laughed about how KC weighed five pounds more each ten steps and how we'd ever make it back. Then we made it to the tidal pools. They are enormous and the perfect depth for a toddler. It was the perfect afternoon (even if we had to walk all.the.way.back).

I can be the best Negative Nancy in town, but having these kids has taught me to concentrate on the positive. Did some things suck, were some things inconvenient, were the kids crazy? Heck yea. But every morning I had coffee with my kids on the deck looking at the ocean. Every night Chris and I sat outside in the rocking chairs listening to the waves. There were game nights with my parents (I lost every time), multiple dolphin sightings, and ice cream every day (I even discovered a new favorite flavor - Ben & Jerry's Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz). I hope when I look back I'll concentrate on the good and laugh at what went wrong. I hope I'll teach my kids how to bounce back when things aren't perfect because as the Sugarboo quote says, "A beautiful thing is never perfect."

Thoughts for Thursday

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Beach 2015

We went to the beach! For the first time in 3 years!! 3 years!! It's been a long time! It was KC's first trip. And it was amazing! 

The drive to get there was two hours longer than the normal five, but one smell of the salty sea air, the wind on our faces, and the view of the ocean made the stress of traveling disappear.

First Impressions:

We watched the sunrise every morning thanks to little ones too excited to sleep. It was beautiful. I've always said beach sunrises are responsible for my love of the morning.

We spent our days in the sun, sand, surf. I may have been just a little nervous about sharks. 

We always drive into Beaufort and Morehead City for a day. We eat, shop, and take a boat ride around the sound to see the wild horses.

This year in addition to our family mini golf tournament, we added bumper boats and go karts. It was the boys first time doing both and to say they loved it would be an understatement. Staying true to their personalities, T wanted to go faster and N wanted to slow down.

KC entertained herself on the stationary go kart.

We had to pack up and leave the morning of the 4th. It was hard to say goodbye. Chris and I left with the resolution to buy something at the beach someday, even if it's a plot of land and we pitch a tent. 

Thanks for humoring me with all these photos. I have just a few more tomorrow (I captured a few nicer non-bathsuit pictures).