Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Review

The weekends are always so busy. A quite rainy Monday was very welcome. 
My parents made it down for T's soccer game (N was supposed to have a baseball game at the same time but it was cancelled - I was kind of wondering which game they would pick just to see who their favorite was).
 This child, he is such a challenge, and then he gives me a grin like this.

KC met a new milestone - she learned to suck her toes. I think she rolled over too, but honestly the toe sucking is cuter. 

 After soccer we headed to a sports bar/restaurant so Chris could watch his beloved Vols. It was an unpredictably close game and I was trying to take a picture of him and KC and they just happened to score a touchdown!
 After the kids were in bed, Chris and I headed out for coffee and ended up with coffee and a drink (Chris doesn't actually drink, hence the singular). Honestly I was way too nervous to enjoy myself and wanted to head home before finishing this yummy sangria. 
 We were up bright and early for church. N had a special Sunday School class after our usual church service so the rest of us walked the neighborhood while he was in class. I hadn't noticed this view before.
 After a fun weekend with the grandparents we had a quick dinner before saying goodbye. 
 Our dinner included appetizers, meals, and dessert so a evening family walk was necessary (and the weather was beautiful). 
And now it's Monday, the calm before the storm of Tuesday! I started today with 3 cups of coffee, so bring it.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Finds: Inexpensive Art

I've been meaning to put art up in the boys' room as well as KC's room and just haven't gotten around to it (nor can I make a decision). We were at PaperSource last weekend and inspiration struck again with this piece of wrapping paper - yes wrapping paper.
N is obsessed with maps. I have one map from his great grandfather ready to frame from his days in the Navy and I think this would be a nice balance as well. I have a SkyGuide on my phone and anytime we are out after dark N wants to look at the stars. I have to admit I love the stars as well and worked at an observatory in college. 
I also have Dean Smith's autograph framed for his wall and a few pictures. I would also love a verse or quote such as this one from Emily's blog -
 This is our final song in church each Sunday and would be a nice reminder throughout the week. 

I'm not sure what to do on T's side. I'm thinking of keeping it simple (no frames, just canvas) with images like the picture below:

For KC's room, I'd like to do a gallery wall around her mirror. I've found a few prints off Etsy that I would work in with photos and a little art her brothers have created.
From Etsy I found this print I'd love to have:
KC has the biggest smile and it looks like she's about to take a big bite out of something, so I call it her "I'll eat you up" smile. This print would be such a happy reminder.

I'd also love a flamingo because I've been obsessed since seeing a baby one at the zoo a few years ago:

And a ballet print that I haven't tracked down yet. For her room I'm thinking of off white and gold frames, but I'm not sold on that quite yet. 

PaperSource also has this one of Florence, which I'd love to frame for Chris and I as it was where we honeymooned:
What are some of your favorite ways to dress up walls inexpensively? I've painted a few canvases and I think it's time to start framing some things! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

3 Month Pictures

It's cold and rainy today, just like yesterday. Blah! I'm venturing off my soy/dairy free diet and stopped by Starbucks after a crazy crazy morning rush with no time for coffee. I just received our pictures from about a week ago and thought I'd share (or overshare basically). As always these are from our friend and favorite photographer, Tracey at Bower Studio Photography.

 If you made it this far, you deserve a prize. Thanks for letting me share. I hope your Wednesday is going well. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Review

Happy Tuesday! I have a 7 year old who keeps complaining about going to school because he just wants to stay home and play. I totally don't understand it, I used to LOVE going to school. But this kid is in a serious bad mood about it. Hope your week is fairing a bit better!

Our weekend flew by but was pretty perfect. We started off Saturday with a soccer game.
 Followed it up with a baseball game (and Granny attended both).

Then made it home in time for one to nap and for the rest of us to prep for some friends coming over.
 This little one does not like sleep. At all. So it was kind of crazy she napped so well in her crib. About ten minutes before our friends arrived I tried to wake her by unswaddling her. It didn't work.
It took the sound of 5 boys playing upstairs to get her to open her eyes. Speaking of 5 boys playing upstairs - this is what upstairs looked like after Saturday night.

I think that's the sign of a good time (there were also multiple plastic dinosaurs scattered through our yard).

Sunday started off with church. The past two Sundays I've taken KC up to the balcony to be less disruptive (she likes to eat and then rock usually) so this time we just started out up there.
 The stained glass windows are always a favorite of hers. They were extra sparkly this morning.
 N has started a Sunday School program where they explain the service and certain traditions associated with it. I'm excited for him to learn more and grow more. After our service he learned about prayer and painted a chalice.
 We needed to run a few errands (although it feels rude to call PaperSource or Brooks Brothers an errand) and tried out Wolfgang Puck Pizza. We LOVED his casual dining restaurant that closed a few years ago and were so excited to find this one (and it went above and beyond our expectations). The view across the table was pretty sweet.
We let the boys watch a movie later on and finished a few cleaning things before getting ready for the week ahead (which I still don't feel ready for - or ever). Thinking back to last year, it was this same weekend we found out we were expecting a new little one. It's hard to believe how much can change in a year.

I hope everyone is having a good week so far (or at least enjoying some cooler weather)! It's time for us to pull out our fall books and plan a pumpkin patch visit!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Review

How was the weekend? Short? Fallish? Our weekend was full of sports. Soccer practice Friday night, a game Saturday morning, then a baseball game Saturday afternoon and it was hot and muggy the whole time. 
Best Buds 
 Our team is actually the same from last season, which made the first game quite different (there wasn't a need to mark our goal ;) ). 

 Ignore the terrible pic of me, and check out the ruffles hanging out!

 Two singles this game! I missed everything after the first inning because KC couldn't take the heat.

We tried out a new veggie burger recipe Saturday night that was a winner (and my non vegetarian friend down the street had actually made it as well and loved it). I may try and make them into nuggets in the future as well.

Sunday we had KC's 3 month pictures and it was cold! She was in a great mood so I'm excited to see how they turn out. I deemed Sunday my cheat day to see what happens to KC if I reintroduced dairy and soy. I'm going to wait two weeks and see if she breaks out. Honestly a bagel and cream cheese never tasted so good! I may have also had the largest slice of key lime pie ever (I have missed normal desserts). 
2 of my 3 have colds today so we are resting up and making cookies. KC is experiencing her first cold and I am reminded of why I love the Nosefrida so much.

I hope your week is starting off great (or at least with coffee)!