Friday, February 20, 2015

Five On Friday

Happy Friday! It has been a crazy week here. Monday was a holiday, Tuesday and Wednesday were "snow" days (with no snow), and the past two days there's been a 2 hour delay because of our record low temperatures. I promised the boys pancakes this morning which I need to start cooking! Keeping with my theme of random thoughts, here are my five thoughts on Friday:

1. Have you checked out Target lately? I have really fallen in love with their spring items! 

Target Spring Kids Collection

They are carrying Eric Carle pjs like Gymboree did. There are other styles, but I thought the caterpillar was precious. I love the dino rain set and T would too. The girls' tassel cover up is just way too much - if they make it in my size I'm buying. 

2. We consume a lot of hot chocolate in the winter. I feel totally silly about this, but did you know you can make it from cocoa? All you do is heat water/milk (I do 50/50), and add equal tablespoons of cocoa and sugar. Sometimes I make it darker than others and do one less tablespoon of sugar. We always top it with homemade whipped cream. While this is still a lot of sugar, I love that it's ingredients I control and Chris loves it more than the packaged stuff.

I had a few candy canes left over from Christmas for Valentine's Day hot cocoa. And I realize our table looks crazy in all our pictures - I need to sand and restain it as it's covered with all our crafting paints.

3. The past three weeks I decided to start waking up with Chris. I'm pretty impressed I've been able to do it because I LOVE sleep. My alarm goes off at 5:15am and I usually have coffee in my hand by 5:20 (thanks to my parents purchasing a Keurig for us). I thought I would hate it and wouldn't last more than a week (Chris thought the same thing), but I LOVE it. It is so nice to have thirty minutes with him the morning and dawn is one of my favorite times of day (I blame being on the East coast - when you are at the beach it's the sunrise that's usually stunning instead of the sunset). My mornings with the boys are so less rushed since I have hours to prep for the day and I feel more relaxed. It's a win/win/win/win. 

4. Chris and I haven't seen Frozen. We tried to get the boys to watch with us on the ice days, but they didn't want to. I think we've finally talked them into it this weekend. It's supposed to rain on Sunday so it looks like a perfect time for a movie. I'm excited to see what all the hype is about and understand why everyone thinks Elsa has gotten us this week.

5. We had KC's 6 month pictures (a month late) and I can't wait to share them! Here's a sneak peek (as always images from Bower Studio Photography):

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Have any great plans this weekend? We're doing our usual thing!


  1. I absolutely love those photos ... they are the sweetest! What happy, smiley kiddos you are blessed with!

  2. i saw the new target section at a store in charlotte- it's totally re-done and looked beautiful! love all of this :)

  3. I'm going to have have to check out the Target section this weekend! :)

  4. I love the morning too. I get up with my husband then have bonus time - he leaves for work an hour or so before me.

  5. Those photos are so adorable! Can't wait to see the other sweet moments captured!
    Yes!! I'm loving Target's line of kimono style cover ups for little girls. Seriously beyond adorable!!!
    Also, Frozen is a fabulous movie but definitely not my favorite. Can't wait to hear what yall think too.

  6. Those photos!! Precious! Target has had such good stuff lately. Let me know how Frozen is, I still haven't seen it yet either but I know the whole story thanks to my nieces who are obsessed. I've been trying to get up around 5:30 so that I have a hour or half hour to myself before the boys wake up. It definitely helps me to feel more organized and less rushed when I'm up early.

  7. I am loving Target spring stuff too! I usually wait for their stuff to be on sale, but I'm thinking of buying it new. Those pictures are adorable! I've never seen frozen either - although Olivia isn't into watching TV. We had one fun 'snow' day here, but just Tuesday.

  8. Love all the cute patootie stuff you found at Target! I'm going to need to get over there asap and stock up on spring goodies. And I absolutely LOVE KC's photos! The kids are so sweet together! And that last photo is perfection!

  9. Those pictures are SO cute of the boys and KC. We haven't seen Frozen either, we figure we still have a while before we're sucked into playing Disney movies on repeat : ) hah I'm a morning person and LOVE having some relaxing time (mainly just on weekends hah) before the day gets all crazy and busy. My husband is a sleep lover so I know how hard it is for your type to voluntarily get up that early- keep up the good work : ) haha