Friday, May 30, 2014

Five on Friday

What a crazy week! It has been busy and I have to admit each morning I wake up I'm more and more grateful for another great night of sleep. Both my boys arrived the day after they were due so Chris is convinced she is coming today (I'm not quite as sure). Since I've made it past 40 weeks three times now I thought I perfect Five on Friday would be five GREAT things about making it past your due date (sorry I've shared most of these pictures before - first two are from my favorite photographer, Tracey at Bower Studio)!
 1. You hear from friends daily. I love receiving all the texts and emails checking in. It makes me literally see how loved this little gal is already. 
 2. Where a month ago people told you how large you were ("wow you still have a month to go" "looks like that baby is due anytime now", once you tell people it's your due date all the sudden you are magically smaller than before ("you look amazing" "I can't believe you're due").
 3. Every night of great sleep and every meal eaten without interruption is appreciated more and more. I don't even mind getting up once a night because I know in a few more days I'll be up every two hours. 
 4. Falling asleep, skipping chores, are all excused because you are so pregnant (I think it counts as the 10 month right?). Even my boys ask if they can pick something off the floor or sweep. 
5. I have a lot of heartburn so treats and milkshakes are a daily must (in addition to my summer time favorite of frozen grapes). The boys are loving this right now - no wonder N wants a lot more siblings.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Maybe we'll have a baby (or not - either way I'm looking on the bright side). 

Linking up with my favorite Five on Friday ladies again this week!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Nursery

I wanted to document the nursery, even in it's unfinished state, before KC arrives. I took a few photos last week, on a much too sunny day, but it works for me (and a few later with my phone). The nursery was supposed to be mainly gender neutral and use as much as possible from our last nursery. Something I discovered though - things wear out! Some of our nursery items and some of our baby items completely bit the dust for this baby. And then, there was a whole part were I purchased a lot of pink things. It is in no way finished (the drawers are still missing knobs, I have yet to locate a lamp, and there are quite a few other items) but it is still my favorite room in the house.

Here is where my idea started for the nursery:

Then it evolved to this (my green items from the boys' nursery did not match the paint I choose for the dresser, so the green was nixed):

And here is where we are today (I am in no way a photographer):

At this point while I love the stripe, I wish I'd gone with a neutral chair - although the stripes do disguise spots rather well). The star pillow is one that my college roommate and I made when she visited after N was born - it's busting seams but I love it.
I am also searching for a lamp for behind the chair.

 I love the mirror (a Target find!) and basket (a Home Goods find). I'd love to replace the lamp - but again using things from previous nurseries. Still trying to decide on knobs, or just paint the ones I have. 

This is by far my favorite spot in the room. I love the dresses on display, the monogram (a free printable) and the flower hooks (anthro). I may add more frames or just leave it. I do need a ribbon for the second hanger though!

Hopefully these will be two of my last belly pictures this time! The left we'll call 40 weeks (tomorrow!) and the right is 39 weeks. This is one stubborn little lady who is not conforming to my plans, so who knows there may end up being a 41 week pic.

This sweet dog of ours will not leave my side. Maybe we should have named her Lassie.

I took the boys for hair cuts yesterday. They are ready to meet their sister and spend the summer together. They even ask to read their bedtime stories in the nursery each night.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekend Review (Photo OVERload)

 Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a great long weekend. T is done with school so it's just us today (can't wait for N to be done too)! Last Thursday was T's last day, he wasn't thrilled. He loves his teachers and friends.

On Friday I realized my one on one time with T is going to come to an end quickly. We've always had time together while N was in school, but with a new little one that will be attached to me he won't have the same attention he's used to. We spent some time at the park just enjoying our time together (with the ducks).

 We picked up N from school and took the three minute drive to the strawberry patch. The boys were thrilled. I thought we'd stay for just about thirty minutes, but an hour and thirty minutes later we were heading home.

 Our strawberries were delicious and even better in pancakes the next morning on the patio.
Saturday was baseball and ice cream. We met up with friends who have an almost 6 month old. The boys are crazy about this little guy. It gives me hope they'll love KC as much!

My parents purchased an inflatable pool for the boys a few weeks ago (I have to admit I cannot stand them) and this was the weekend we broke it out (in their new gap swim trunks N's here, T's here).

I had promised T we would take Chris and N back to the pond to see the ducks so Sunday breakfast seemed to be a perfect time. 

 Tball season ends this week, so the boys had a few practice sessions.
Every practice involves a good swing. It is definitely the boys favorite part.

And Monday we had more strawberry pancakes, another lake picnic for lunch, pool time, baseball practice and grilled out before smores and sparklers. It was wonderful to spend so much time together and I think we all appreciated it a little more knowing that in less than a week (hopefully) things will never be quite the same (even though each night we tucked N in to bed, he said, I hope this is the night KC comes). 

I hope you are off to a great start for the week! 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Memorial Day Sales!

Wow the sales are really great this weekend! Here's a quick run down of some of my favorites:

Nordstrom is still having their half yearly sale. You can find my picks here.

Gap is 40% off regular priced items. Here are few things that caught my eye (T and N both have new swim trunks thanks to the sale):

 There was a ton of adorable baby boy (newborn) items in store, but I can't seem to find them online.

Tea is having a huge sale!

Hanna Andersson has all girls dresses at $19! Sleepwear is 25% off and the new styles are perfect for this weekend and the 4th of July!

Sugar Bit is offering a great sale (maybe it's time to order some pink chicken, and I love Hatley pjs) -

Did I miss some good ones?? Please let me know! Happy Holiday weekend!