Friday, May 11, 2018

Five on Friday: Mom Confessions

The boys have field day today (but they call it fun day). I'm so excited for them. It's definitely one of the best days of the year. And it's the Friday before Mother's Day!! Last year Chris had emergency surgery on Mother's Day, let's hope nothing so exciting happens this year.

For Five on Friday I thought I'd share 5 confessions I have as a mom... They are also probably things I would have thought were terrible back when I only had the boys. Live and learn (especially about not judging).

1. I do not like going to Target. I used to. The boys would get Icee's and look through the toys. I'd pick up knick knacks and essentials. It was a fun time for all. Now it's a time a suck. And even if I have a list somehow I'll miss an item or two or they are out of something. I love target online but I need cartwheel to apply! Looking forward to when the drive up and pick up option opens!

2. I throw away things the kids make. Not everything. But a lot. For preschool I save items and put them in a big under the bed storage tub (but it goes in the attic) and for elementary school I put things in a paper storage tub which goes in the attic. Some things might make it the shelf, but most of the time they end up in the trash. I used to blame Dali for throwing things away and the kids always believed me.

3. We have more than enough together time. Even if the boys have been at school for 8 hours, the  minute they are home they are arguing about something. So if a friend doesn't come up to play I send them away. The arguing drives me nuts. Years ago I would have gushed over how much I missed them and I need a full report on their day. Now I get bits and pieces over the afternoon and dinner and I honestly wondering how many camps is reasonable for the summer.

4. The other day I gushed over Katherine saying Mommy and Momma and Ma. And turned around to tell T if called my name one more time he was going to time out. Funny isn't it? I spent sooo much time wanting each of them to call my name and now I can't get them to stop! (and seriously don't ask me where is soccer socks are one more time because they are always in the same place...even if you don't put them away, I do).

5. I definitely don't get enough one on one time with them. This is a confession I've been thinking a lot about recently and hope as summer comes and schedules slow that we can make more time for it. T probably gets the brunt of it, which is rough because he's a fairly needy kid. But there's always tomorrow.

And a threw in a few pictures of the girlies from recently (the boys like to approve the photos posted and they aren't home to do that currently).

Have a great weekend!! I hope you get to celebrate loved ones whether near or far, here or gone, I hope it's a time to honor and share love with those around you.

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