Friday, January 5, 2018

Happy New Year // Five on Friday

Happy 2018! We started off the year finding out we had black mold under the sink and MRSA on our youngest. Hopefully things will only get better from here! I haven't uploaded pictures from our Christmas, totally forgot to take real camera pictures of our New Year's celebration and now the kids are back in school and life is back to it's regular schedule. Our tree is still up (well one of them, the other never took water and came down the day after Christmas to avoid being a fire hazard). Tomorrow is officially the 12th day of Christmas!

I thought I'd start this year out with a post about my five resolutions. I love setting monthly goals and yearly goals. These will be yearly goals, hopefully more like habits that will form.

1. Everyone in our family drops all the items they walk into the house with on the floor in the kitchen.  Currently there is a bookbag, my diaper bag, a bag of groceries that needs to go into the pantry, a bag of leftover party supplies from Katherine's birthday, a light fixture we changed out, and a box to be carried outside to recycling. Our kitchen isn't super functional the way it's set up and our mud room is even less functional but it looks even worse when everything is on the floor. So goal #1 - get everything off the floor of the kitchen.

2. Read!! Since Katherine was born I tried to start books but I was always too tired to keep up with characters and story lines. Now that she is waking up just once a night I feel like I can jump back into reading. My cousin gave me Book of the Month for my birthday and I'm loving it! It's such great movitation to read. Currently reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and loving it.

3. Somehow find a way to exercise a little. This has been so hard with our schedule and with Katherine's unpredictable sleeping patterns. I'm really hopeful as sleep returns to a schedule that I can carve some time to do something. A gym is out of the question, but seriously anything at this point will help. I just want to feel better about myself, even if I look the same.

4. Schedule better. I want to make sure I have everything entered into our calendars (all of them) so that we aren't constantly wondering what comes next. So far I'm failing on this one. The boys have games tomorrow and I have no clue when they are. Our January calendar isn't up and I've got nothing on my phone. Today will be the day I get January together. (and I love these calendars, they are HUGE and I put it in the kitchen so everyone knows what's up).

5. My overall goal is to be happier. Possibly find happiness in being content. I tend to worry and be anxious about everything. I have trouble having fun when things are stressful (even the smallest amount of stress). Having 4 kids is stressful. For us it's very stressful. I want to find a way to enjoy it more. Obviously I love them all dearly, but the daily arguments, whining, laundry, food prep, and even the scheduled activities are weighing me down, and I need to nip this now because it's just going to continue as Katherine and KC grow.

I hope 2018 brings the promise of a wonderful year to you! Those in the snow stay warm! Here's to a great 2018!


  1. I found you through Friday Five on Carolina Charm's blog. I'm with you on #5. It's hard to communicate how blessed I feel by my three children and how much I love them when daily life seems to drag me down more than others. Perhaps moms just don't speak about it that much, but I enjoyed reading this from someone else. Here's to a happier new year!

  2. Some of my goals are to read more, exercise (somehow, sometime haha!) and schedule better/be more organized! It sometimes feels like there is just never enough time in the day!

  3. Mold and MRSA. Ugh. I am so sorry. One of my girls had MRSA in the NICU and it sucked. Now she is a carrier for life. But on the bright side, I am with you on a lot of these goals. I need to schedule better and read a lot more this year!

  4. Oh no! Mold and MRSA ... that is not a fun way to start off the year! I'm so sorry! I'm going to check out that book... I've been looking for a new one to read!

  5. I love these resolutions! I don't know if you're in to podcasts but I highly recommend Bold New Mom! You can listen while you're folding laundry, driving, cleaning, cooking, etc. She has made my life so much happier while in the trenches of motherhood (and i only have TWO kids)! Thanks for linking up! xo

  6. Great goals!! I hope everyone gets to feeling better. Those drop off zones are so hard to manage. I feel like they require all day maintenance to keep them clear. I am trying to teach my 4 year old to put things away right away and hoping it catches on. Do your kids like to go on walks? That's the only way I'm getting exercise these days. Good luck with your planning!! I couldn't function without my planner. Are you a paper planner or digital planner person? Hope you find a good system that works for you.