Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thoughts for Thursday

It's officially Fugal February so I thought I'd concentrate on my previous January purchases that I'm loving. 

I got a new pair of booties - my first. I've been eyeing them since 2015 and they dropped to $67 on Amazon so I ordered them. So now you can credit me with ending the trend ;). They are cute Jack Rogers scalloped booties.

I also ordered these Uggs and love them. They are such a great casual shoe.

KC got a new pair of Livie and Luca's. They released their bunny shoes in pink and white. Today she wore her pink bunnies to the bus stop with her Santa pjs on - no holiday confusion there.
I've fallen in love with this Josie Maran foundation. I've been a Tarte Amazonian Clay addict for years, but I've switched. This one is just so smooth - and it's just as clean as Tarte.

The spring temperatures have me itching to switch out the kids closets (and the fact that everything they wear now is about an inch too short - especially N), but I'm still holding out for one more snow. I'm debating sucking it up and ordering him a few more pants and shirts for the next month or two before it really warms up. 

Nursing has me online shopping like nothing else can. And Katherine doesn't sleep. It's not unusual for a friend to get a text in the middle of the night with a dress I think will look great on her. I guess it's good I'm still carrying some baby weight because it limits me to shopping for shoes, make up and jewelry. 

I hope you are having a great Thursday. Linking up with Annie, Natalie, and Julie.


  1. THose bunny shoes are precious and I dig the booties!!

  2. Ok the bunny shoes are absolutely presh and I also adore those booties!

  3. The bunny shoes are adorable! I have such a love/hate with online shopping since sometimes it's too easy and accessible!

  4. playing blog catch up as I'd gotten out of the habit of checking you out regularly after your hiatus HA! We removed L's crib rail so it was a tot bed back... in the summer I guess? Anyways, we're just getting her a twin bed now and I ordered bedding this week and am prayerful that it helps make her want to STAY IN IT! I'm tired of middle of the night visitors. haha Your shoe picks all around are adorable, and I hope sweet baby Katherine is letting you have a little more sleep this week! xo