Friday, December 19, 2014

Five on Friday

The kids are awake extra early (something I think will happen until Christmas, and then after because they will be so excited to play). I have cinnamon rolls in the oven (and coffee brewing for me). N has jammie day at school and T is having his best friend over today. I'm grumpy and tired, but that's par for the course these days. This week has been a rush of present buying, school work, class parties, Christmas programs, and Chris working super late. I don't exactly have the holiday spirit and I don't think Chris does either. It's been a sprint until today and maybe tonight we'll breath a sigh of a relief (or maybe Saturday night after we attend a friend's Bar Mitzvah).

Here's a random Five on Friday linking up with some of my favorite bloggers.

1. Last Sunday when we arrived back in town (we've traveled almost every weekend between November and December). We promised the boys we would pick out a Christmas tree. There were about nine trees left. That was it. KC was in her sweet Christmas onesie and tree bow, until I pulled her out of her car seat and realized she (and now I) were covered in poop. It was a quick tree trip, but we found the perfect tree.

2. Some of my favorite gifts I've purchased for kids this year:

3. We made our traditional ornaments this week (without Chris - boo). We will have a million of these by the time the kids grow up, but I love them. 
nursing and painting - a first. and not the easiest.

Some Christmases past - 
We always do the foot print for the first Christmas, and handprints for every Christmas after. Neland's up to 8 ornaments by now!

2010 - T's first ornament and showing how big N's foot has gotten!

 2007 and 2008 ornaments - ignore the goofy face

 4. Both boys had programs at school. T has never had one before so I was interested to see how he handled it (he is very shy). That boy sang AND did the movements (getting both out of him is pretty amazing). Afterwards I took the kids to dinner and then for doughnuts. Taking three kids to dinner by myself might as well be a workout. 
 He was wearing dress shoes before we left the house, then changed at the last minute. That kid!!

N said, "This has been a really fun evening." I'll call that a win (even if I did have to buy dinner and doughnuts).

My best girl was there too. I thought this will be the only time in her life where writing on her butt is cute - might as well get as many pictures as possible. And I love her sweet nativity dress! She had shoes on but when she wears them her life goal is to get them off and she always wins. 

5. Part of me doesn't mind not buying into the lights and music because with what we've been through the past two months we need to think about what Christmas is really about and enjoy our time together. 

Happy Friday! I hope the weekend brings lots of time with family and friends!

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  1. Donuts and dinner for the win! Love the Christmas ornament tradition. I'm with ya on staying focused on what this season is all about- we should all put forth a bit more effort in that department. Keeping y'all in my thoughts!

  2. I snorted when you mentioned the writing on the backside! Hahaha. I love your beautiful ornaments and talk about multitasking! Nursing and painting for the win!

  3. Those shoes for the boys are adorable and KC looks SO cute in that little nativity dress! (and my little babe caught me off guard with a surprise poop explosion this past week too... right when I was taking her out of the carseat to start a day of Christmas shopping. ugh)

  4. I totally get Christmas cranky also - there's too much to do! This year we went out of town on the 16th through today - so I had to have everything bought, wrapped, lights on timers, etc before the 16th - I was totally not in the spirit. But once we left, I was all relaxed - that might be the strategy - get Christmas to-do over with quickly. I love the ornaments! We have done handprints the past two years and I wondered how many we would have on the tree haha. But I just love see how tiny her hand was each year! Great job nursing and painting! Super mom! Is there anything cuter than a monogrammed baby booty? And keep trying with the shoes! Olivia was the same way. And she still is about socks. But she picked up shoes. Now if she sees them, she wants them on. But if we take them off - the socks have to go immediately haha!